The experience of team, which creates company PANTO POLAND in metal and wood trade goes to 20 years. It’s a result of long-term cooperation with companies O.S.PANTO S.R.L. (Italy) and FERROLI S.P.A. (Italy). These companies have activities on european market since years.

PANTO POLAND sells, installs and services:

  • O.S.PANTO S.R.L. products. O.S. PANTO offers devices and systems for wood drying. Capacities of drying kiln: from 12m3 to 500m3.
  • FERROLI S.P.A. devices. FERROLI is main producer of boilers for solid fuel. Offered boilers have range of power: 0,5 – 10 MW. We have in offer low parameter boilers, also steam boilers. We can burn dry biomass, and also fuel with moisture content up to 100%.

We provide also services in range of working with metal and production of building metallic constructions.

We guarantee the high quality of sold devices and offered services. It’s a result of great commitment and continuous experiences exchanging, high qualified specialized team, and using the newest technologies.

Our motto is: the satisfaction of Customer gives us more than any publicity.

We wait for important opinions about our offer. We are at our Customers’ disposal in professional advising and technical help.
We invite You to cooperation with us.